Yellow Claw celebrate Barong Family’s 200th release on BF200Yellowclaw

Yellow Claw celebrate Barong Family’s 200th release on BF200

Yellow Claw’s Barong Family celebrates 6 years and 200 releases with an EP compilation appropriately titled “BF200,” featuring seven brand new hits from the brightest names on the label, including Wiwek, Crisis Era, RayRay, GHOSTER, Nonsens, Psycho Boys Club, and more. The Amsterdam-based imprint has become known for its wide range of musical influences and high-tempo BPMs, and “BF200” follows suit with a stampede of eclectic electronica. Spanning sounds from three continents and even a reworked ’90s classic, “BF200” is a snapshot of everything the Barong Family stands for; experimentation, exploration, and unbridled fun.

As for the sonic journey of “BF200,” the commemorative compilation begins with “I Want It” from Yellow Claw and Wiwek, who deliver epic hip-hop beats to set the tone for the rest of the EP. Next up is Canadian duo Crisis Era’s “Funky Pills” for all the old school ravers out there, while DJ Soda and RayRay’s “Obsession” serves up a sneaky dose of hard-hitting bass. Yellow Claw themselves reworked the Tokyo Ghetto Pussy’s 1995 hit “Kiss Your Lips” for the EP, giving the classic a modern dance facelift. GHOSTER employs Nanami’s breathy vocals to deliver a solid mission statement in “Belong,” before Danish threesome Nonsens put the pedal to the metal with “Teaze,” throwing some nitrous into the mix before the Psycho Boys Club end things with a bang on “Break.”

To celebrate the 200th release on their imprint, we chatted with Yellow Claw about their future plans and what sounds and styles they see making an impact in 2021 and beyond.

1. What sounds and styles you are the most excited about for 2021?

We’re a fan of everything that’s new, improved or just smartly produced. Good examples are how San Holo’s music progressed into a more rock/guitar influenced version of electronic music. It fits him like a glove. Or the guys from Dukes & Jones that put aside any relation with BPM or genre whatsoever and just make the craziest abstract beats and compositions. Truly one-of-a-kind stuff. Those are things that feel the realest to us. Result isn’t guaranteed. It’s just about being dope.

2. What are you currently experimenting with?

We’re experimenting with a new style of electronic hipnhop/stripper pole music for a while now. Like a new and improved version of what we did 5 years ago with DJ Turn It Up. It’s fun trying to come up with the next big thing. We’ve done it a couple times and its something we can proudly look back on.

It’s something that takes a lot of time and free space in your mind. You need room to just mess around. That specific kinda time was scarce the last couple years.

3. Are there any new music projects or concepts that you are working on currently?

For a while now me and Jim have been working on a dance project actually.

You could call it a counter reaction on music that has just became louder and louder the last couple years. Which isn’t good or bad in any way, it’s just a fact. And we’re building this thing from the ground up which is always fun. No boundaries. Everything from scratch. It’s going to be really different and we’re excited about it.

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