Adventure Club take lap around electronic release ring with ‘Broken Love’Adventure Club Facebook Official E1592617926532

Adventure Club take lap around electronic release ring with ‘Broken Love’

An unreleased cut previewed during Adventure Club‘s “Superheroes Anonymous” livestream, hosted in partnership with Insomniac in June, has vaulted from “ID” to “brand new single.”

Dubbed “Broken Love,” the Cammie Robinson feature tacks onto the trio of one-offs to which the bass delving duo has given wings in 2020: “Rebellious,” “Back To You,” and “High Like This.” Although Adventure Club have not formally billed “Broken Love” as the fourth single from their sophomore LP’s album rollout, is it reasonable to assume that this is precisely what “Broken Love” is, given the song’s artwork. The art for “Broken Love” notably features the same font and general design as that of the preceding cuts.

The formal release date for the impending project has yet to be specified. During their Digital Mirage set, Adventure Club famously declared that the follow-up to 2016’s Red // Blue would land in July or August, but few details about the album have since come to light. While this turn of events has expectedly left Adventure Club listeners at the edge of their seats, “Broken Love” arrives as a formidable successor to “High Like This” that reminds fans just why their anticipation for the duo’s next long-form outing is at an all-time high.

Featured image: Andrew Freeman

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