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Aphex Twin releases limited edition synthesizer, Novation AFX Station

After various logo sightings on billboards across Los Angeles, Berlin, Bristol, and London, Aphex Twin has released limited edition synthesizer, Novation AFX Station, in partnership with Novation. The electronic heavyweight’s latest project unveils a newly-charged Bass Station II with the addition of the AFX Mode, giving the monosynth a face-lift in its aesthetic design and programmable sequences.

The conducive sound-design tool of the AFX Station Key features 128 new synth patches and seven new overlay banks from artists and composers such as Noyze Lab, Perplex On, Richard Devine, r beny, and Lightbath.

Novation said of the release of AFX Station,

“Designed in collaboration with electronic music legend Richard D James aka Aphex Twin, AFX Station is a limited edition release of Bass Station II. A sound designer’s dream, AFX Station has the same powerful feature set as Bass Station II, with the addition of AFX Mode pre-installed, which revolutionises the way the monosynth can be played and programmed.”

Since his 2018 release Collapse, Aphex Twin has yet to share new content, aside from his SoundCloud pseudonym-released material as “user18081971” in April of this year.

Read more about the key features and specifications of Aphex Twin’s limited edition of the Bass Station II monosynth here.

Featured image: Andrew Whitton

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