ARTY brings ‘From Russia With Love’ triptych to a close with ‘Vol. 3’ finale cut, ‘Say My Name’ARTY

ARTY brings ‘From Russia With Love’ triptych to a close with ‘Vol. 3’ finale cut, ‘Say My Name’

After a statement-making trio of pre-From Russia With Love (Vol. 3) singles, ARTY is bringing the third volume of his EP series to a punchy close. The finale of the third volume comes courtesy of “Say My Name,” a vocal-centric fourth addition to From Russia With Love (Vol. 3)‘s tracklist, which includes a pair of NK collaborations, “It Won’t Stop Me” and “Too Far Gone,” as well as a creative cooperation with Vion Konger, “Run Away.”

A three-part love letter to club music that unfurls across electronic subgenres, the From Russia With Love series commenced in April, when ARTY delivered the introductory installment, featuring NK, Kitone, Muvy, and Stellz. After two months in the interim, From Russia With Love Vol. 2 burst onto the scene in July, affirming that From Russia With Love wasn’t just a one-off.

As the From Russia With Love segment in ARTY’s career draws to a close with “Say My Name,” ARTY reflects on the series’ conception, stating,

“The entire album started with me and my friends working together in the studio. We messed around with different ideas, had fun, and mostly made tracks that made us reminisce about the music that took the dance music scene by force between 2010 and 2012.”

Stream From Russia With Love (Vol. 3) in its entirety below.

Featured image: Kat Lam

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