Bass prodigy Moore Kismet turns in glitchy bass cut, ‘Beauty Is A Facade’Moore Kismet Credit Eric Dew

Bass prodigy Moore Kismet turns in glitchy bass cut, ‘Beauty Is A Facade’

As far as the current bass scene is concerned—wunderkind Moore Kismet stands out as one to keep a close eye on. A burgeoning star at just 15 years old, Kismet has delivered another tantalizing audio experience titled “Beauty Is A Facade,” to add to a growing catalog of original works. This new release follows a train of increasingly improved productions released over the course of the year, including the recent “Drift,” an official remix for SLANDER and Moody Good‘s “Heartbreak,” and a full-length Never Say Die EP Revenge of the Unicorns. What’s more—the teen powerhouse has been teasing an upcoming album on their socials for quite some time now too.

As the title suggests, “Beauty Is A Facade” isn’t just your common trap fare. Kismet took to social media recently to share the personal triumph this song represents. An active voice in the LGBTQ+ community, Kismet explained to listeners,

“This song is really special to me as I wrote it at a point in my life where I was dealing with gender dysphoria and was uncomfortable with my body, what I wore, and what I was being forced to do before I was open. I wanted the artwork for this song to be centered around my body to show that I’m finally comfortable with who I am and the only way from here is up.”

Released courtesy of Bassrush Records, “Beauty Is A Facade” boasts three unique breaks filled with a variety of piercing vocal glitches, capped by bright, bubbly sound design. Kismet’s signature production techniques give the drop sounds space to breathe, without feeling empty or lacking in any manner. Bridging the track’s various crescendos together is a calmative, lofi trap beat that comes together as one of Kismet’s most uniquely personal outings to date.

Featured Image: Eric Dew

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