Billy McFarland’s prison-recorded podcast lands him in solitary confinementFyre Festival Billy Mcfarland

Billy McFarland’s prison-recorded podcast lands him in solitary confinement

Billy McFarland couldn’t successfully launch a music festival without getting into legal trouble so why would we expect he could launch a podcast without raising eyebrows? The infamous Fyre fraudster made headlines recently with the announcement of his new podcast, Dumpster Fyre, recorded from his current digs at Lisbon, Ohio’s Elkton Federal Correctional Institution. Now, McFarland is reportedly looking at what could be up to 90 days in solitary confinement, for what McFarland’s lawyers believe to be the launch of the podcast.

Since a trailer for the podcast landed on McFarland’s Instagram page in mid-October, which features images of other Elkton inmates, McFarland has been in solitary confinement for 23 hours a day, as well as his cellmate, where they will both remain until an investigation by the federal Bureau of Prisons is complete. According to one of McFarland’s attorneys, Jason Russo,

“We believe the investigation stems from his participation in the podcast and the photographs that were taken and utilized in the trailer, which were all properly taken. We don’t believe he’s violated any rule or regulation, and there can’t possibly be anything else. He’s been a model prisoner there.”

That said, McFarland has been placed in solitary confinement once before for being in possession of a flash drive. However, McFarland’s representation contends that Elkton inmates are permitted to use the phones, and all calls are recorded and screened by the prison. Disposable cameras are also allowed and screened. 

McFarland is currently serving a six-year sentence for crimes stemming from Fyre Festival and his ensuing fraud scheme following the failed event. Proceeds from Dumpster Fyre will go towards paying McFarlands outstanding $26 million restitution.

Via: New York Times

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