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BRONSON share part one of remix EP trilogy for self-titled debut LP

In an uncertain year that has vividly drawn out some artist’s most creative musical ambitions, ODESZA and Golden FeaturesBRONSON certainly sits at the top of that list. Following the collaborative effort’s self-titled debut LP in August as well as a preview of the project’s forthcoming remix edition, the two outfits are sharing BRONSON Remixes Nº.1 in full, the first of three parts in the trilogy.

In addition to Cassian’s previously released adaptation of “KNOW ME,” BRONSON Remixes Nº.1 employs the talents of four other noteworthy producers, including O’Flynn, Skream, Offaiah, and Tunnelvisions. All five names provide their own forward-thinking and distinct reimagining of ODESZA and Golden Features’ already masterful body of work, with “KNOW ME” receiving two total updates in addition to “VAULTS,” “HEART ATTACK” and last but not least, “DAWN.” Although no date has been publicly set in stone for BRONSON’s two ensuing EP releases, HAAi, Prospa, TSHA, Patrick Topping, and Hayden James will be among those appearing on the EPs’ respective tracklists in the coming months.

Stream the first part of BRONSON’s remixes below.

Featured image: Gian Galang

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