DVBBS and Quinn XCII take you to the ‘West Coast’Press Pic Composite DVBBS Quinn CII

DVBBS and Quinn XCII take you to the ‘West Coast’

DVBBS team up with Quinn XCII to capture the breezy nature of California on their latest feel good cut “West Coast.” The new single follows DVBBS’ latest album “Nothing To See Here” and Quinn XCII’s 3rd studio LP “A Letter To My Younger Self.” A blur of both their styles and signatures, “West Coast” is bright, airy and energetic. Together with the pop sensation, the Dutch duo carry the mix away on an ocean breeze and the promise of an endless summer. Built on a driving bassline, spruced up with upbeat melodies and punctuated by Quinn’s carefree lyrics, “West Coast” is an anthem for escapism — a far cry from the festival staged DVBBS used to frequent.

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