Ghastly’s ‘Help’ gets remix treatment from Habstrakt, YAKO, and moreGhastly Goat Dog

Ghastly’s ‘Help’ gets remix treatment from Habstrakt, YAKO, and more

Earlier this year, Ghastly teamed up with vocalist Karra for a beautiful melodic number titled “Help.” The song quickly became one of Ghastly’s most enticing releases to date, already topping 500,000 streams on Spotify alone. Now, half a year after the original’s release, Ghastly has enlisted seven producers from a variety of different styles to offer their remixed take on the track. Featuring Habstrakt and YAKO, among others, the Help (Remixes) EP breathes new life into the track in the most exciting ways.

Help (Remixes) sees DENNETT, Habstrakt, Highlnd, Rohaan, Staysick, SUBMERSIVE, and YAKO offer their own unique flavor to Ghastly and Karra’s original, offering a variety of perspectives on the track. From Habstrakt’s funky bass-house remix to YAKO’s menacing trap take, this collection offers something for everyone. A surprising standout track comes in the form of DENNETT’s impressively forward-thinking melodic dubstep remix. With only 429 monthly listeners on Spotify at the time of writing, DENNET’s remix is a testament to the absurd level of talent lurking in the underground scene. Stream the full collection below.

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