GUMMiBEAR modifies Justin Bieber’s ‘Holy’ with sweet jazzy house stylingsLdtZLr G Scaled

GUMMiBEAR modifies Justin Bieber’s ‘Holy’ with sweet jazzy house stylings

GUMMiBEAR may not yet be a household name, but that may be about to change with the delivery of the newcomer DJ’s new take on Justin Bieber‘s “Holy.” Bieber’s new Chance The Rapper-assisted single already has all the makings of a sweeping pop smash, but GUMMiBEAR takes the track straight to the dance floor with a funky, jazz-inspired remix that perfectly complements the original cut.

Wailing saxophone modifications enhance Bieber’s easily digestible versework and singalong hook, swelling into three grooving, dance-inducing breaks. The remix undoubtedly extends the original’s shelf life into the fall months, and should certainly put GUMMiBEAR on the radar.

While little is currently known about the emerging GUMMiBEAR project, the clear production value behind this new Justin Bieber flip points to a keen studio force that likes has a trove of material on the way. Keep an eye out for GUMMiBEAR, this delectable “Holy” remix is likely just the first bear in the bag.

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