LA Riots lands fiery CONFESSION debut, ‘Levitate’LA Riots PC Official IG

LA Riots lands fiery CONFESSION debut, ‘Levitate’

Having journeyed through a sonic metamorphosis, LA Riots focuses in on his house inclinations with new track, “Levitate.” Early on in its formation, the act—founded in 2007 by Daniel Linton and John O’Brien—explored hybridizations of electro, indie, and alternative that reflected in an extensive portfolio of high-profile remixes for the mainstream scene. As a solo artist, Linton has applied those learnings to a new subset of sound, delivering a heavy concoction of bass, techno, and house to his productions, just as he consequently showcases in his debut on Tchami‘s CONFESSION imprint.

Crafted atop a bouncy bedrock, the groove-inspired bass house cut enlists 808 cowbells, deep bass lines, and club-oriented vocal chops in its high-octane execution. Merging hedonistic energy with nefarious tones, “Levitate” utilizes creeping synth riffs and fiery rap loops to deploy a relentless dance floor heater.

Featured image: LA Riots/Instagram

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