Lazerbeak balances tranquility and energy on ‘Penelope’ LPLazerbeak Credit Zoe Prinds 3

Lazerbeak balances tranquility and energy on ‘Penelope’ LP

Doomtree CEO, GM, and resident beatsmith Lazerbeak has made a name for himself from the trunk-rattling hip-hop beats that he’s supplied to Doomtree’s crew for over a decade. From his grungy production on All Hands to his executive production on Lizzo‘s first LP Lizzobangers, hip-hop fans across the Midwest—particularly in his home state Minnesota—are well-acquainted with Lazerbeak’s work. In recent times, he has slowly moved into calmer instrumental electronic production, a transition he’s apparently already perfected on his latest LP.

Penelope finds a perfect balance between ambiance and rhythm while maintaining a clear sonic direction throughout. Tracks like “Top Down” and “Light Work” begin as atmospheric chill out tunes before peaking with immediately catchy grooves. Even the most percussion-heavy track on the record, “Treetops,” catches its breath in the middle before ending on an uplifting drum and vocal sample pattern.

From its eclectic sample selection to expertly-crafted lush synths, Penelope is the ideal record for a time when we could all use a breather. Overall, it’s an impressive addition to Lazerbeak’s catalog, especially considering how late he moved into the indie-electronic sphere.

Featured image: Zoe Prinds

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