Le Youth gets in touch with the ‘Other Voices’ in latest singleLe Youth Dancing Astronaut E1604023324209

Le Youth gets in touch with the ‘Other Voices’ in latest single

There’s a stigma among many that dance music is a perpetual over-the-top rave, and while that might often be true, what most outsiders looking in tend not to understand is the scene’s softer and arguably more expressive side.

California’s Le Youth takes this sentiment to heart, pouring his feelings—good and bad—into his soothing house productions. His latest release, a tender tune known as “Other Voices,” taps into this emotive side with chilling harmonies and dangling synths. In a press release, Le Youth described the single, stating,

“Like anyone, I have a lot of voices in my head. There are the typical ones like fear, anxiety, self-doubt, and envy, but there’s also a voice that just sings and writes songs when I’m not even thinking about music. That’s what ‘Other Voices’ is about. It’s based around a looping vocal motif that I pulled from a writing session I did a few years ago, as I like going through old sessions to find inspiration. All the music was based around that one part.”

The sprawling and ultimately uplifting “Other Voices” is out now via Armada Music.

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