Lights All Night organizers pull the plug on 2020 New Year’s Eve eventLights All Night Dancing Astronaut

Lights All Night organizers pull the plug on 2020 New Year’s Eve event

Organizers of Lights All Night, Texas’ premier New Year’s Eve festival, have cancelled the 2020 event. While half expected, the woeful news is a subtle and sometimes necessary reminder that the COVID-19 pandemic remains in a tender state.

A social media statement from Lights All Night coordinators makes their reluctance to cancel this year’s event clear, but also strikes a chord regarding bigger picture themes right now, like taking care of ourselves and each other. They write,

“This has been the note that’s been keeping us up at night. It’s true, #LAN2020 (which would’ve been our 11th anniversary) is not happening. There’s simply no way we can justify holding on to your hard-earned money with the slim hope that we’re able to gather at the end of the year.

While it may not feel like it, we will get back to long wild nights that create lifelong memories and Lights All Nights will return…Let’s pledge to use this time apart to further our connections with each other and provide assistance to those who need it most.”

Those who’d like to relive the simpler times of Lights All Night’s 2019 event are urged to checkout the recently uploaded recap video. Otherwise, Lights All Night’s full statement is available below.

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