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Louis The Child, COIN promote ‘Self Care’ with new single, music video [Watch]

Just 13 days after the release of Candy II [Beat Tape], Louis The Child are back with a brand new single and accompanying visual, crafted alongside alt-pop band, COIN.

“Self Care” arrives as a bundle of swift, catchy vocals, colorful synths, and melodic, upbeat grooves complimented by a enthusiastic music video that stars not only the duo but also COIN’s lead vocalist, Chase Lawrence. The feel-good song encourages the practice of self-love and supports the idea that it is acceptable for people to take care of their own needs rather than sacrifice personal wellbeing to please others.

Louis The Child said of the track,

“When COIN sent us the demo for ‘Self-Care,’ we loved it. It had an infectious, funky vibe and a beautiful message. We were immediately stoked to add our drums, synths, instruments, and arrangement ideas and turn the song into a jam! We’re excited for you to hear it. Turn it up and dance!”

COIN noted,

“This year, we tried to stop looking left and right before crossing the street (metaphorically). Trust yourself—others won’t until you do. Remove fear and judgment this year, and maybe forever find inner light and love to beam out to the world. Free your mind. Do it for yourself. The chorus vocal is an iPhone voice memo backstage at a festival in Memphis—mindlessly free. We felt this was perfectly fitting for COIN’s first-ever collaboration.”

“Self Care” is out now via Interscope Records. View the music video below.

Featured image: Aaron Thackeray

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