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Louis The Child release tape of new beats and unreleased gems, ‘Candy II’

In 2017, Louis The Child released their first “Candy” mix on SoundCloud featuring 25 minutes of unreleased music. Now, three years later, the boys are back at it again more new tunes, this time on Candy II [Beat Tape].

If cross-fades are enabled in settings, listeners will find that the beat tape is devoid of song breaks when played from front to back. The project clearly incapsulates Louis The Child’s ability to take an idea and sonically run wild with it. Fans of the duo have watched the boys grow up on stage, curating hit after hit with the likes of Elohim, Wafia, EARTHGANG, and more, but this new release–comprising all original beats–shows their unparalleled talent and versatility. For example, “Fresh Juice,” an outing made in collaboration with TroyBoi, may just be one of the heaviest tracks Louis The Child have ever put out.

Candy II is an amalgamation of experimental quips in addition to unreleased songs that the duo has played in sets since around 2017. The fifth track on the album, “I Had Just Woken Up From A Short Nap” is one of the many tunes on the tape that avid Louis The Child listeners have likely heard quite a few times before.

The 19-track instrumental album, led by “Fresh Juice” and the melodic, synth-based track “Takeoff” with Whethan, is one of the Louis The Child’s most gloriously diverse and multifaceted releases since their inception. Candy II reflects the boys’ consistent ability to pioneer what’s next for the dance music industry.

Don’t miss out on this one; be sure to stream below.

Featured image: Aaron Thackeray

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