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Madonna once refused to work with David Guetta upon learning his astrological sign

David Guetta recently went on record in an interview with French vloggers McFly et Carlito saying that Madonna turned him away from producing her new record after revealing his star sign. Guetta recounts his meeting with the Queen of Pop initially starting off seemingly well,

“I arrive for lunch. We talk about everything—the music, what she wants to do with the album. Super nice. It’s just her and me. Very relaxed, very cool. We have lunch. It’s happening. Very good and you wonder when we start working together.”

As the meeting continues, it’s uncovered that Guetta is a Scorpio. From there, things take a nosedive. Guetta recalls,

“Suddenly, she makes a face and she says to me, ‘I’m sorry, we’re not going to be able to work together. It was a pleasure to know you. Goodbye!'”

Queen behavior, at its absolute finest.

Madonna had been itching to get in the studio with Guetta since his 2011 Grammy win for his remix of her track, “Revolver.” Unfortunately, as a Leo herself, the pop sensation deemed the collaboration unfit and swiftly moved along. Furthermore, while Madonna has yet to comment on her reasoning for the abrupt rejection, interested astrologers may assume that because Leos and Scorpios are both fixed signs and extremely rooted in their own ways, Madonna may have felt that collaborating creatively could cause potential rifts between the two stars.

In her Showtime special, Rebel Heart Tour, released in 2016, Madonna shares, “‘I know that I can be difficult and demanding and push you, and sometimes my ego is out of control, but I am a Leo.” With all that said, perhaps on top of her groundbreaking body of work, Madonna also saved us from the musical fallout of the century.

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