Nicky Romero releases debut single via Universal Music Group, ‘Nights With You’Nicky Romero E1602250781194

Nicky Romero releases debut single via Universal Music Group, ‘Nights With You’

Nicky Romero has made his Universal Music Group (UMG) debut with his melodic new single, “Nights With You.”

Romero’s inaugural UMG single drifts far away from his robust electro house sound to unveil a much more abstract yet radio-friendly side of himself. “Nights With You” coalesces unfeigned melodies and heartfelt vocals into a striking orchestra of acoustic strings.

Assisting on the formulation of “Nights With You” is an array of familiar faces such as Sam Void of Romero’s own label, Protocol Recordings, and Digital Farm Animals.

Speaking on the making of “Nights With You” and his newly forged partnership with UMG, Romero said,

“‘Nights With You’ is a song I have loved from the very first moment I finished the demo. We went through many versions of this record, but when the acoustic strings came in, I knew instantly we had something special. Sometimes, to get the best results and bring out the magic, certain elements of a track need to be preserved as raw.

The team at Universal Music [Group] has been thoughtful and flexible in the way they look after artists in 2020, particularly in dance music. I feel like they understand me as an artist and don’t attempt to put a box around creativity.”

“Nights With You” is a continuance of Nicky Romero’s endeavors throughout the year, following a 2020 edit of one of his world-renowned hits, “Toulouse,” and the institution of his new alias Monocule in September.

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