Sofi Tukker and Icona Pop head to the ‘SPA’ [Q&A]IconaPopSofiTukker Composite1 1

Sofi Tukker and Icona Pop head to the ‘SPA’ [Q&A]

In their first collaboration, iconic duos Sofi Tukker and Icona Pop sound not just natural but also synergistic. Both groups at are their best when they’re having fun, and that’s exactly what is apparent on their newest track, “SPA.” The song is a lighthearted affair, taking on the need to hit the spa (as you likely guessed) after a long night of clubbing.

“SPA” caps off hot years for both groups; Sofi Tukker have been riding the success of a string of singles and remixes including “House Arrest,” while the collaboration rounds out Icona Pop’s feature list starring Hayden James and Steve Aoki. Dancing Astronaut caught up with the four artists to chat about their debut collaboration, how the idea came to be, and of course going to the spa.

In your first collaboration, you’ve landed on quite a unique topic. What were your brainstorming sessions like?

ICONA POP: “It all happened so organically. We’ve been huge fans of Sofi Tukker for such a long time and working with them was a dream. We started with building the track and we all felt that we wanted to do something with a dance/acid house vibe. In the beginning, the track was sounding so good we were like ‘do we even need vocals on this one?’ but then we came up with the topline and it felt great. We didn’t overthink anything, we just had so much fun together which we think you can hear in this weird and vibrant song.” 

SOFI TUKKER: “We had newly become friends and were so excited about working together finally, so as soon as we got into the studio, we just started flowing. We were really excited and at first, were just making an acid house techno track without vocals. We were talking about how much we love the spa so it just made its way into the song organically.”

Obviously, people think of spa days as relaxing, but you’ve gone with an exciting, high energy instrumental. How did you come to bring together these two opposing feelings?

ICONA POP: “We all obviously love to party but we also love going to the spa; it feels like going to the spa after a great party would be the perfect afterparty. Then, you get the best of both worlds. We talked about how we wanna do a spa tour together where we throw epic parties at cool spas in every city.” 

SOFI TUKKER: “Well, we love both the club and the spa, especially when the two happen together. They’re the perfect balance, and they’re both forms of self care; letting loose at the club and then recovering at the spa.”

What’s your favorite part about a spa day? 

ICONA POP: “We work hard and have a lot of fun, but sometimes it’s so important to just take a breather and recharge the batteries a little bit. The sauna is our favorite; it’s impossible to be stressed in the sauna and you sleep like a baby afterwards.”


Sophie: “The massage, for sure! And the steam room.”
Tucker: “The ice bath!”

Any tips for an at home spa day? Which of you is the best relaxer?

ICONA POP: “Turn off your phone, light some candles, take a long shower or a bath, and do a facial. That’s our recipe for a great home spa…and listen to our song, of course. I think Aino is the best relaxer of us two.” 


Sophie: “I love lighting a candle and taking a good long bath.”
Tucker: “The theragun. Good massage.”

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