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Solomun teases upcoming album with new single, ‘Home’

Techno veteran and icon Solomun returns with another sublime track to cap off his active 2020. Blending deep and afro house styles, “Home” relies heavily on a slow-moving chord progression with organic percussive hits providing accentuation. The piece arrives in tandem with a music video that highlights and pays homage to many of the closed venues fans are so dearly missing. Scenes from the visual were filmed at famous clubs across Europe.

“Home” will be the first track from Solomun’s forthcoming sophomore album. While the name of the record hasn’t been made public yet, Solomun shared news that the LP will arrive in early 2021, marking his first album since his 2009 debut, Dance Baby. Watch the video and stream “Home” along with its companion club remix below.

Featured Image: Erik Voake

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