Tomorrowland shares behind-the-scenes documentary of Tomorrowland Around the WorldAuto E1603875852919

Tomorrowland shares behind-the-scenes documentary of Tomorrowland Around the World

 Tomorrowland Around The World single-handedly cemented the gold standard of virtual festival superiority at the end of July, pulling in more than a million digital attendees across their online island of Pāpiliōnem. After originally disclosing that it took a combination of four separate studios, 38 digital cameras, and over 300 terabytes of raw footage to piece together into its final production, Tomorrowland is now drawing back the curtains entirely on their virtual replacement with a behind-the-scenes documentary, Never stop the music – The Creation of Tomorrowland Around the World.

The nearly 18-minute short film dives into precisely how the festival’s virtual substitute came as close as physically possible to the real thing, with it being conceived, designed, and implemented in record-setting fashion. More than 25 Tomorrowland Around the World headliners were tapped to give their first-hand accounts of the unparalleled two-day experience, with Martin Garrix, Armin van Buuren, Charlotte de Witte and more speaking on everything from the music itself to the festival’s use of special effects.

With Tomorrowland Winter’s dates recently being called off for 2021, we can only dream that Tomorrowland has plans to put something together in lieu of its cancelled edition next March. For now, watch the full Tomorrowland Around the World documentary below.

Featured image: Tomorrowland Around the World

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