Two Friends raise ‘Hell’ in  celebratory dance-pop cutTwo Friends 2020 PC @gregfryy

Two Friends raise ‘Hell’ in celebratory dance-pop cut

Two Friends have returned with their third original track of the year, “Hell.” Preceded by Kid Quill and New Beat Fund-assisted, “No Drama” and Sam Vesso-featured, “Looking At You,” the new single from producers Matt Halper and Eli Sones call for celebration as the pair navigate feel-good dance-pop.

Filled with sonorous brasses and anthemic drums, “Hell” is the “Big Bootie” curators first-ever release through Proximity and delivers carefree themes in its lyrical debauchery and vibrant production. Championing straight forward structures, the vocal-centric track oozes commercial appeal with its catchy hook, clean execution, and joyous disposition.

Featured image: @gregfryy

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