401 WST blends house and hip hop on debut EPCover Press Pic 401 WST Our House EP

401 WST blends house and hip hop on debut EP

Canadian duo 401 WST might not be a household name (unless you drive on it from Toronto to Cambridge, Canada), but for what they lack in immediate recognition they make up for with some absolutely ripping house sensibilities. 401 WST’s sound is raw and unfiltered, a breath of fresh air in the age of autotuned vocals and overproduced synths. There’s no soft edges to be found in 401 WST’s house, just gritty garage beats and filter cuts.

On “Our House” EP the duo evoke memories of Chicago in the ’80s when hip-hop and house were at their heyday in the underground. The DJ/producer partners create a seamless fusion of genres on “Real Quick” — classic hip-hop rhythms are complemented by a deep rolling bass line and synthetic house kicks. “Alive” follows in the footsteps of “Do The Damn Thang” melding tech-house and deeply reverberating synths.

Short and sweet, 401 WST use their debut EP to show off their unique POV on club culture with three weapons worthy of any DJ’s crate.

What’s next? Hopefully more of the same.

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