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Blasterjaxx retain big room crown on ‘Legion,’ theme for newest ‘Watch Dogs’ game

Big room certainly isn’t in the same place it was in 2012 or 2013, but Blasterjaxx have routinely fixed themselves amongst the genre’s highest ranks. After adding Perspective, the duo’s first-ever album, to their running tab of musical laurels last summer, Blasterjaxx were contacted by Ubisoft to design the official theme to the video game company’s newest enterprise, Watch Dogs: Legion.

In a behind-the-scenes clip shared ahead of the track’s arrival, the duo explained that the inspiration for “Legion,” which has remained a desired ID throughout Blasterjaxx’s sets over the past year, derived from elements used within the game’s early trailer. Even after nearly a decade together, there’s still a first time for everything—Blasterjaxx’s own Idir Makhlaf employs his own vocals to help guide along the track’s progression. On “Legion,” the big room vets combine an arrangement reminiscent of their 2018 link with Hardwell, “Bigroom Never Dies,” with fresh production work that only serves to extend their credentials and venerable character as the torch carriers of this particular subdivision of house music.

Watch the thriller of a music video for “Legion” below.

Featured image: BlasterJaxx/Instagram

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