Cheat Codes continue 2020 content influx with ‘Washed Up’Cheat Codes E1604634962782

Cheat Codes continue 2020 content influx with ‘Washed Up’

Feel-good ditties are a Cheat Codes specialty and fortunately, not a rarity. Enter “Washed Up,” the ninth original to come out of the Cheat Codes camp this calendar year and notably, a cut that extends this trend.

“Washed Up” trails the crossover-centric trio’s September announcement that its long overdue debut LP, Hellraisers, was finished and forthcoming. The vocal-centric dance-pop hybrid directly follows “Stay,” and comes just after “Between Our Hearts,” Hellraisers‘ lead single.

Imbued with the youth and whimsicality that has come to define a Cheat Codes release in the six years that the three-piece outfit has been active, “Washed Up” finds Cheat Code flexing the two-genre format that’s proven to be their ace. With Hellraisers‘ exact submission date still unspecified, “Washed Up” acts as a spirited single to soundtrack the in between.

Featured image: Rukes

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