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Dillon Francis crafts ‘ode’ to childhood doubters, ‘Be Somebody’

A self-described “ode to all the people” who told Dillon Francis that he “was just a class clown and wasn’t gonna make it,” the new kid on the IDGAFOS block, “Be Somebody,” sees Francis issue a spunky sonic nod to days passed.

“‘Be Somebody’ is Dillon’s story…when he was telling me about the inspiration behind his idea [for the song], I totally related to it,” said featured vocalist, Evie Irie. “Just a small kid with big dreams in a school ground.

Plucky synths and guitar chords intermingle with Irie’s sung contributions, yielding a two-minute and 44-second single that radiates personality as it lyrically embraces the determination to transcend expectation. On “Be Somebody,” Francis can be found breezily adopting a different style of sound, and executing it with flair, his sonic specialty.

Featured image: Courtesy of Coachella

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