Diplo and Sonny Fodera set out to ‘Turn Back Time’ on inaugural collaborationDiplo E1601870776364

Diplo and Sonny Fodera set out to ‘Turn Back Time’ on inaugural collaboration

With synergy so palpable that it seems almost to transcend speakers, Diplo and Sonny Fodera‘s inaugural liaison, “Turn Back Time,” renders the producers’ prior lack of collaborations a curiosity. In retrospect, there’s a case to be made that the freewheeling Higher Ground label head hinted at the forthcoming Fodera match-up vis-à-vis Fodera’s “Diplo & Friends” showing, which aired on May 1. Nevertheless, the house authorities’ once-separate paths have now intersected, culminating in a FFRR- and Higher Ground-hosted house heater that would simmer in a live setting.

Outfitted with old-school piano stabs, a deep-seated bassline, and a looping vocal hook, “Turn Back Time” was born out of a “late night session” with Diplo in Los Angeles, Fodera says. Those present at any one of Fodera’s last few shows pre-pandemic will likely recall the funk authority crowdtesting the then-ID during his in-person stints. As for those who weren’t? It’s time to get acquainted. Stream “Turn Back Time” below.

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