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Dua Lipa says ‘Future Nostalgia’ B-sides will land in 2021

Dua Lipa is purportedly putting the “future” in Future Nostalgia, plotting a B-sides drop for 2021. The news, confirmed by Lipa herself during a November 9 fan chat on YouTube, might come as a surprise to some given the expanse of the Future Nostalgia activity that ensued after the LP’s release.

With a 17-cut remix album, Club Future Nostalgia, out the gate and in the rearview, not to mention a KAYTRANADA remix of “Don’t Start Now” and an alternate version of “Levitating” that carries contributions from DaBaby, it might have been safe to assume that the Future Nostalgia re-imagining had ceased. Not so, indicates Lipa, who can be found—as usual—with yet another sonic trick up her sleeve.

Presently, Lipa has not signaled when specifically in 2021 the B-sides will launch, but more information is presumably to come.

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