DubVision realign under STMPD RCRDS for ‘Stand By You’ with PontifexxScreen Shot 2020 11 08 At 5.55.08 PM

DubVision realign under STMPD RCRDS for ‘Stand By You’ with Pontifexx

It’s not necessarily a resurgence for the duo per se, but the gold standard that DubVision have set for themselves in 2020 alone may serve as the headline for their career narrative when it’s eventually all said and done. Following up their last STMPD RCRDS go-around in September, the brothers are further reaffirming that cue as they realign under Martin Garrix‘s label for the Dutch pair’s eleventh delivery of the year, “Stand By You” beside fellow STMPD teammate, Pontifexx.

Having only met in person for the first time at STMPD RCRDS’ Amsterdam studio to formally consummate the tie-up, DubVision and Pontifexx’s chemistry while working virtually was evident from the jump. “Stand By You” freely balances the gifted production footing from both ends, with DubVision continuing to carefully refine the new age house profile to their present-day output. With STMPD RCRDS currently scheduled for a takeover on Hydeout’s virtual platform later this month, DubVision will assuredly get the opportunity to exercise “Stand By You” in its true form.

Featured image: DubVision/Instagram

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