Eli & Fur offer new house single ‘Otherside’ on Spinnin’ DeepEli Fur Ig Official

Eli & Fur offer new house single ‘Otherside’ on Spinnin’ Deep

Steadily extending their deep house sound to various avenues, Eli & Fur have landed their Spinnin’ Deep debut with new single, “Otherside.” Instilling their signature broody undercurrents into the track, the pair take on a less-seen showcase of dance-pop stylings as they continue to infuse stirring bass lines in their expansive route to club music. Joining a spectrum of releases including Walk The Line / Big Tiger, Camelphat collaboration “Waiting,” Armada-helmed single “Fuse,” and more, the latest cut presents another facet of Eli & Fur’s elastic production capabilities.

Leading with a melancholic piano hook, “Otherside” immediately captivates with its vocal-centric progression and glacial sonics. Diverging from the powerhouse duo’s integration of their own voices, the track excels with its sombre timbres and sonorous accompaniments. Vocal chops and four-on-the-floor momentum further cement the track’s commercial appeal while dusky percussions echo signature Eli & Fur elements.

Stream “Otherside” below.

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