Five years later, 3OH!3 pick up where they left off with ‘LONELY MACHINES’ featuring 100 gecs3OH3 Press Gabriel Rovick

Five years later, 3OH!3 pick up where they left off with ‘LONELY MACHINES’ featuring 100 gecs

3OH!3 straddled the intersection of post-punk, synth-pop, and mainstream appeal in the early 2000s. While fans thought they had heard the last from the Boulder-based duo, the pair are officially back. 3OH!3 has delivered their their first new single in five years, “LONELY MACHINES” featuring 100 gecs, and it’s clear that the producers haven’t missed a beat since we last heard from them.

“LONELY MACHINES” is unapologetically reminiscent of group’s earlier releases. 3OH!3 have a provem knack for blending high-energy dance-pop beats with pulsing electro accents, and their latest single certainly follows suit. Their music consistently features an air of ridiculousness, which is brought to life through the chanting vocals in “LONELY MACHINES.” Listeners may find themselves transported back to wherever they were standing in 2008 when they heard “DON’T TRUST ME” for the first time.

Sean Foreman and Nathaniel Motte of 3OH!3 speak about their resurgence in an official release, stating,

“About a year ago, Nat and I found ourselves unsigned, unmanaged and frankly, under no pressure to just create and have fun—so we did just that. Magically, as we started to write, we got in touch with Matt Galle and partnered with Photo Finish. The creative energy and motivation that we had for our first album felt recaptured. It just feels good again; unforced. And I believe the new music is a representation of that freedom.”

The single is the group’s first new music in five years, with more promised in the pipeline. “LONELY MACHINES,” featuring hyper-pop figureheads 100 gecs is out now via the group’s original record label, Photo Finish Records.

Featured Image: Gabriel Rovick

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