Get down with Fatboy Slim’s delectably funky ‘Back To Mine’ mix albumFatboy Slim

Get down with Fatboy Slim’s delectably funky ‘Back To Mine’ mix album

The notorious Back To Mine mix series, launched in 1999, returns with special guest Fatboy Slim, who shared a grip of music one would expect to hear at the artists’ home. The release of Fatboy Slim’s Back To Mine mix album also features a new single from the veteran DJ, “The Voice of Experience,” from his Yum Yum Head Food alter-ego.

The mix is a deep dig into the funk and soul crates from the prolific UK selector which includes Camille Yarborough’s 1975 ‘Take Yo Praise,” which Fatboy Slim sampled on his 1998 hit-single “Praise You.” Chock full of rare, floor-ready grooves, this mix doesn’t feature a typical track list, which makes for a delightful departure from house’s current stylings. Says Slim in an official release,

“Over the years there has been so much action back at mine, so many friends, lovers and lunatics who would congregate after the clubs had closed to laugh, share and swap ideas and tunes and generally put the world to rights. This is a collection from the soundtrack of those sessions. Music for the heads rather than just the hips. Straight from the lounge of the funk soul brother.”

Fatboy Slim joins the tanks of previous artists who’ve released on the Back To Mine project including Nightmares On Wax, New Order, Pet Shop Boys, R√∂yksopp, and Faithless. For dedicated crate-diggers and casual house heads alike, do yourself a favor and pay mind to one of the greats, as Fatboy Slim carefully selects and delivers delectably danceable gems from his deep collection.

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