Get lost in Pixel Terror’s new bass infused single, ‘Omega’Piel Terror IG

Get lost in Pixel Terror’s new bass infused single, ‘Omega’

Pixel Terror unleash a swirling soundscape of dizzying notes in their newest release, “Omega.” Known for their bass heavy productions and prominent visual identity, the duo have crafted a brand highly synonymous with the game industry, infusing retro gaming sounds into their music and incorporating cover art depicting themselves as characters. Bringing old school nostalgia to the forefront, their latest single stays true to Pixel Terror’s bass roots while championing gaming influences.

A tune that Pixel Terror has often employed as an opener for sets, “Omega” may sound familiar to fans who have seen them perform before. Now, the extended version brings a nostalgic sense of connectivity around their dynamic live experience.¬†Integrating a dynamic trifecta of bass, an intriguing synth progression, and heavily-synthesized vocals, the song culminates in a screeching bass drop, juxtaposing a kaleidoscope progression with heavy-hitting sound design.

Pixel Terror speaks about the track in an official release, stating,

“‘Omega’ came together masterfully and was created with the purpose of being our new show opener. It was created in the same vein and with many of the same techniques as ‘Bittersweet.'”

“Omega” is out now via Monstercat.

Featured image: Pixel Terror/Instagram

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