GRiZ and Wreckno’s ‘Medusa’ gets stacked care package of remixesGRiZ E1604452073995

GRiZ and Wreckno’s ‘Medusa’ gets stacked care package of remixes

Earlier this year, GRiZ and Wreckno teamed up to deliver a funky bass cut titled “Medusa.” Featuring Wreckno’s fresh vocal talents and both DJs’ production expertise, “Medusa” quickly became a viral TikTok hit, landing the two on the cover of Apple Music‘s “New Music Daily” playlist. Now boasting more than 2 million streams on Spotify alone, it’s only natural that “Medusa” receives an official remix package.

Medusa (Remixes) sees Gioli & Assia, Super Future, NotLo, J. Worra, and GRiZ himself put their own personal spins on the original. Chopped and pitched phrases from Wreckno’s high-energy verses are sprinkled over deep, rumbling bass wubs and powerful drums on GRiZ’s collection-opening take. Fans of techno and house will gravitate towards Gioli & Assia and J. Worra’s shuffle-optimized edits while fans of deeper freeform dubstep are certain to enjoy Super Future and NotLo’s submissions. Stream Medusa (Remixes) below.

Featured image: Alden Bonecutter

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