Kayzo taps OST for newest Welcome Records cut, ‘Liar’Kayzo Yoder Productions PC

Kayzo taps OST for newest Welcome Records cut, ‘Liar’

The latest delivery from Kayzo‘s fledging imprint Welcome Records comes by way of the label head himself along with emerging talent OST on “Liar.” And if the direction of this new collaboration seems evident within the first minuteā€”strap in because this one takes a sharp left turn at the break.

Moody vocals reminiscent of the early aughts’ pop-punk wave capped with a catchy hook suddenly swerve into a high-octane bass-house break. Chunky, growling synthwork is broken up by screeching accents with OST providing a full-throated topline.

Kayzo has kept his foot on the gas in 2020, not only building out his own catalog of charged crossover cuts, but promoting Welcome’s roster, most recently with the label’s second Little Comp of Horrors project. Listen to Kayzo’s latest drop, “Liar,” below.

Featured image: Yoder Productions

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