KLOUD unveils dark electronics on debut album, ‘AUTONOMY’Iconickloud

KLOUD unveils dark electronics on debut album, ‘AUTONOMY’

In a world without concerts and with very little social interaction, artists are doing their best to navigate a new digital landscape where in-person exposure is limited. Some do everything possible to show their faces to the masses and form a deep connection to fans, while others take the path of obscurity, letting it all unfold organically. KLOUD is one of the artists who takes the latter approach, yet utilizes his musical talents and innovative visuals to build rapport with his fans purely through his production.

A self-described producer who “merges timeless electronic sounds with modern production elements,” KLOUD visualizes himself as an artist who creatively straddles the line between REZZ and Daft Punk. This is evident on his 10-track debut album, AUTONOMY, which spans genres across the spectrum to the tune of its analog synthesizers and dark techno/house influenced compositions.

Standout tracks include AUTONOMY‘s lead single “VIRUS,” a lyrical journey armed by stiff electro bass and pitched vocals, “DISCONNECT,” which phases between upbeat leads and dark distortion at its breaks, and the slower, sonically pleasing “BLOOD,” bedecked with alternative-sounding vocals.

The faceless DJ recently delivered a remote techno set in partnership with Insomniac. The performance finds KLOUD cloaked in darkness save for some LED lighting that gives visual shape to the live endeavor. He’s set to collaborate with the event organizers again for an experimental set coming soon via Twitch and YouTube, but in the meantime, streamers can delve into AUTONOMY below.

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