Mako uncovers fifth delectable ‘Fable’ addition, ‘Ocelot’Screen Shot 2020 11 16 At 9.58.50 PM

Mako uncovers fifth delectable ‘Fable’ addition, ‘Ocelot’

With each additional high-class piece from Fable, Mako‘s sophomore effort continues to appear more propitious as its presumptive end-of-year due date nears. Less than a month after resuming the album’s expansion with “Again,” Mako is braced to turn Fable‘s next page as he unveils its fifth miraculous attachment, “Ocelot.”

Fable‘s contents have materialized on all edges of the indie-electronic scale, and “Ocelot” puts Alex Seavor’s masterly composite of acoustical ingredients and self-provided vocals in full view. Stretching the use of animal-inspired designations across several album singles, “Ocelot” brings forth a needed carefree poise in the current timeframe of surging tensions, with Mako delivering another ingenious branch to the Fable family.

Featured image: Eddie Soto

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