Moore Kismet delivers airy new original work, ‘You Should Run’ with Pauline HerrMoore Kismet

Moore Kismet delivers airy new original work, ‘You Should Run’ with Pauline Herr

Moore Kismet is a music producing machine. At just 15 years old, the exceptionally talented breakout is putting together a meteoric rise with unique electronic productions, raising Kismet’s profile just a little bit more with each release. Kismet’s latest delivery, “You Should Run,” further solidifies their status as a rising star worthy of keeping on one’s radar heading into 2021.

“You Should Run,” released via Night Mode, is an airy, chilled trap record featuring the tantalizing vocals of Pauline Herr. The first drop of the song features a funky kick beat, topped with ambient flutterings and bright glitches that have become a beloved staple of Kismet’s characteristically polished productions. After moving through a stunning vocal verse from Herr, the track breaks again with a second drop that more closely resembles the trap sound Kismet is well-recognized for. A natural follow-up to previous release, “Beauty Is A Facade,” this section of “You Should Run” successfully leaves a large amount of open space without feeling too empty. Vibrant sound design capped by impeccable trap drums come together to create this buoyant atmospheric quality that make the song a complete three-dimensional experience. Stream Moore Kismet’s “You Should Run” below.

Featured image: Incredibly Dope

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