Noisia’s Thys and Amon Tobin conjoin on dark ambient EP, ‘Ithaca’Thys 1

Noisia’s Thys and Amon Tobin conjoin on dark ambient EP, ‘Ithaca’

Thys of Noisia and Amon Tobin have released a five-track experimental ambient EP titled, Ithaca. Journeying through depths of chilling soundscapes and cinematic textures, the expansive dark-toned multi-composition finally sees its fruition on Vision Recordings after nearly a decade progression of work.

Ithaca delivers an extensively spellbinding and mesmeric experience from the two electronic wizards, propelled by their unusual sound design methodology and amplification of atmospheric territories. Mixing organic synths, orchestral, and even their own synthetic vocal textures, the long-time friends and creative partners have traveled back and forth from Los Angeles to the Netherlands over a span of eight years. Their track “Turning Point,” with Sleepnet, originally formulated the relationship as Thys recalls,

“‘Turning Point,’ in its oldest shape, was started in 2011 when I first visited Amon’s old studio, he was still living among the giant Sequoia trees outside San Francisco back then. It took almost a decade, and many sessions between LA and Groningen for us to fulfill the initial promise that first demo gave us.”

The release follows Tobin’s returns to his bass alias Two Fingers for the project’s first album in over eight years, Fight! Fight! Fight! as well as Thys’ debut solo single, “Unmoved Mover,” from his upcoming debut EP, Unwound.

Stream Ithaca below.

Featured image: North Netherlands Orchestra

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