NOTD create house and pop convergence on ‘Nobody’NOTD Sthlm Photosesh Sep 10 2020 15

NOTD create house and pop convergence on ‘Nobody’

NOTD don a different type of dance-pop hat on “Nobody,” trading their tried-and-true crossover formula in for a darker and deeper type of hybrid. Evoking a MEDUZA-like feel with their newfound house focus, NOTD and Catello allow their pop sensibilities to play a supporting role on “Nobody.”

Professing to “love how the song has a darker feel than most of [their] previous releases,” NOTD credit “Nobody” as a deliberate step in a different stylistic direction, though one that is no less buoyant than its predecessor, as long-term NOTD listeners can verify. NOTD remain hot on the campaign trail for household name status, with “Nobody” manifesting as their third original of the waning calendar year.

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