Oliver Heldens launches OH2 Records with label-installing release, ‘Set Me Free’Oliver Heldens

Oliver Heldens launches OH2 Records with label-installing release, ‘Set Me Free’

After the success of Heldeep Records, Oliver Heldens is expanding his label fingerprint with OH2 Records. While Heldeep will continue to focus on house and club-centric releases, OH2 will specifically provide a platform for commercially leaning records with a “more melodic and dance-pop” bent. Take, for example, OH2’s first release, a Party Pupils collaboration, “Set Me Free.”

The seminal single sees Heldens lean into a more radio friendly type of sound to the tune of progressive notes and a pulsing bassline. “Set Me Free’s” airwave candidacy stems partly from its commanding vocals, supplied by MAX, a vocalist who’s already carved quite the niche in the commercial sector to date.

Heldens spoke on OH2 Records in an official release, stating,

“With Heldeep, I’ve always been very focused on expanding the horizons of more club-oriented sounds. Since launching the label a little over five years ago, we’ve had so many highlights and have become a very versatile label in that space, which I’m really pleased about. A typical example for this in 2020 was our success with Moguai & Kai Tracid’s ‘DT64,’ which became a big hit in the techno world, something I didn’t expect to accomplish with the Heldeep label when I started it in 2015.

However, I haven’t really been able to focus on the more dance-pop side of things with Heldeep (with the exception of a couple of my own tracks), so my team and I decided to expand the Heldeep Label group and launch OH2 Records, which will focus on the more melodic and dance-pop leaning music.

‘Set Me Free’ feels like the perfect record to me to kickstart OH2; it just has this nicely balanced blend of dance-pop, disco and future house elements.”

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