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Relive i_o’s eye-opening sunset slot from EDC Las Vegas 2019 [Stream]

The electronic music industry was sent into an unwavering shock on November 24 when the news of i_o‘s sudden passing was disclosed on his social channels. While typing that sentence still feels all too surreal fewer than 24 hours later, Dancing Astronaut is taking a moment to not only reflect on i_o’s true musical genius but also honor his life by revisiting his unforgettable performance from EDC Las Vegas‘ circuitGROUNDS in 2019.

Based solely on social media’s reception of a video of i_o playing out his “Alchemy” remix for Above & Beyond from the desert, it’s clear that i_o’s sunset performance was one to remember. In just a few short years, i_o was single-handedly pushing the confines of electronic music, introducing an innumerable count of listeners to an unfamiliar world of techno by capturing empyreal emotion and blending it into the dark, pulsating energy of the genre’s pure state. i_o was tasked with formally opening circuitGROUNDS that weekend and made every single second count, with a jam-packed crowd arriving early just for him. Filling up the hour-long affair to the brim with a sweeping catalog of fan-favorite originals, sought-after IDs, and more, i_o wholly exemplified why he was viewed as one of the scene’s brightest talents and how his passing has now left an irreversible void moving forward.

Rest in peace, Garrett Lockhart.

Featured image: Taylor Conran

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