Spotify launches marketplace to connect musicians with Canvas artwork designersSpotify Dancing Astronaut

Spotify launches marketplace to connect musicians with Canvas artwork designers

Fans of Spotify are certainly familiar with the music streaming platform’s Canvas tool, even if they don’t recognize it by name. Canvas is the short video looping tool that allows artists to share animated versions of their cover art, live show footage, or any other kind of video when the song is streamed in the Spotify app or shared to Instagram Stories. Now, as more artists are granted access to the tool in the expanded beta launch that Spotify began rolling out in October 2019, Spotify is launching a coinciding platform aimed at connecting musicians with artists who design Canvas loops.

Hosted by Spotify’s own SoundBetter platform, which is already facilitating new relationships between musicians, producers, mixing engineers, and more, the new Canvas function will give visual designers a place to showcase their art and connect with new clients. Already on-site are talented designers such as Helen Ratner, Ian Eager, and WEWRKWKNDS, who have worked with the likes of Kanye West, Lil Wayne, and Zedd, among others.

The new, connective platform is expected to be of interest to artists who promote their music on Spotify given that the Canvas tool is statistically proven to benefit artists. Spotify data shows that listeners are 145 percent more likely to share a song that has a Canvas video, 20 percent more likely to save it in playlists, and 9 percent more likely to click the artist’s profile page. More information on the new platform is available here.

Featured image: Rob Engelaar

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