Star Slinger dials in hazy remix of Nahirny’s debut, ‘We Were On A Break’Nahirny Star Slinger Dancing Astronaut

Star Slinger dials in hazy remix of Nahirny’s debut, ‘We Were On A Break’

Hailing from Nottingham, Nahirny introduced himself to the global dance scene with the conspicuously catchy “We Were on a Break” just weeks ago. Now, the English musician reignites the flame of his debut single with a new remix from the venerable and often elusive Star Slinger.

Star Slinger strips Nahirny’s electro-pop single to the bone, before rebuilding from the ground up as a hazy, stoned-out jam. The remix supplements the original’s bright, melodic synth work with percolating chords that are carried on the back of Star Slinger’s chopped and screwed drumwork. The icing on the cake, however, is the soft-spoken verse that Slinger drops in the latter half of the track, adding a real twist at the end of the punch for Nahirny’s debut.

Nahirny took to Facebook to announce the remix, telling fans,

“Star Slinger is one of the artists that made me passionate about electronic music. So to have him be  a part of the debut single, and even drop a guest verse is a big boy honour.”

Listen to Star Slinger’s remix of “We Were On A Break” below.

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