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The Avalanches tease upcoming album with test pressing previews

The Avalanches took to Twitter recently for a spontaneous preview of tracks from their upcoming album, We Will Always Love You. The veteran indie-electronic duo shared three clips of the forthcoming LP after announcing the arrival of an early test-pressing.

The album is expected to be 25 tracks deep and full of lush collaborations, from Jamie xx to Leon Bridges, who was featured on the group’s single “Interstellar Love” in the end of October. In a recent sit down with NME, The Avalanches’ Robbie Chater described how the latest single was inspired by the golden record launched into space by Carl Sagan and writer Ann Druyan. Says Chater,

“It was designed to last 1,000 years and it’s still out there floating around. The idea is that one day intelligent life will find it, discover it, and learn a little bit about planet earth. When they were compiling this record, they fell in love. She had planned to record her own heartbeat and put it on the golden record, but the day before she was due to do so he proposed to her. She [realized] that the sound of a young woman madly in love was captured forever on this golden record. Now it’s floating out there forever in the cosmos! We just thought that was the most beautiful idea.”

The Avalanches’ third LP, We Will Always Love You, is due on Universal Music on December 11.

Via: NME

Featured image: Charles Dennington

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