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The Knocks reunite with Foster The People for new single ‘All About You’

After teaming up for “Ride or Die” in 2018, The Knocks have reunited once again with indie electronic band Foster The People for a new groovy single.

Titled “All About You,” the latest track marks the second single to be released from The Knocks’ forthcoming third studio LP. Highlighted by contrasting elements, the collaboration takes on a breakbeat foundation and acidic synth tracks, injecting samples “Like a Ship” by Pastor T.L. Barrett and the Youth for Christ Choir within its production. Ben Ruttner of The Knocks said of the single,

“It feels like a perfect nod to all the different sides of our influences. Late 90s electronica, meets Britpop, mashed with a hip-hop type gospel sample flip, & an indie pop song.”

“All About You” was created after an informal gathering in New York, as Foster The People frontman Mark Foster disclosed,

“When I was in New York a few months ago, I popped over to say hi to The Knocks guys, as I hadn’t caught up with them in a while. We were hanging at their studio, playing various things for each other that we had been working on. One of the tunes Ben played me was the rough instrumental for what would eventually turn into ‘All About You.’ It’s a beautiful thing when a casual hang with friends produces a piece of art.”

“All About You” is out now via Big Beat Records.

Featured image: Andre Sokolow/Billboard

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