Tomorowland launches countdown in anticipation of virtual NYE festivalTomorrowland Around The World Digital Festival Relive

Tomorowland launches countdown in anticipation of virtual NYE festival

A virtual timer has been set as organizers of Tomorrowland count down the days until 2021. After an accomplished debut of the digital festival Tomorrowland Around the World back in July, the storied festival is now planning another all-digital event, presumably on New Year’s Eve with more details set to be revealed on November 10.

Billboard reported the news of the NYE event, as Tomorrowland co-founder Michiel Beers briefly explained his stance on future of virtual events, stating,

“We believe that digital will exist next to live. We also believe that we have to create moments that people really want to see [us] livestream in a special way, and really see it as a small event.”

The first edition of Tomorrowland‘s digital festival, Tomorrowland Around the World, drew more than 1 million online attendees and was even recognized for a Favourite Website Award (FWA) in August after collaborating with Epic Games and its Unreal Engine, a state-of-the-art real-time 3D creation platform used in many of today’s blockbuster games. Fans can now have glimpse at how the monstrous production of the online island of Pāpiliōnem was made possible with an all new behind-the-scenes documentaryNever Stop the Music—The Creation of Tomorrowland Around the World. View the newly launched countdown clock here and stay tuned for more details.

H/T: Billboard

Featured image: Tomorrowland Around the World

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