UK swarmed with illegal raves ahead of second government lockdownIllegal Rave Credit Daniel Scotcher

UK swarmed with illegal raves ahead of second government lockdown

Illegal raves took Britain by storm in response to October 31’s news of a second impending lockdown from prime minister Boris Johnson.

Police responded to calls of illegal parties and warehouse raves across the country, not only shutting down parties of several hundred attendees Chesire, London, Essex, and near Bristol, but being met with physical violence from attendees along the way. Police in Chesire had their tires slashed while intervening in a party thrown at an abandoned farm, while officers of Avon and Somerset arriving to a rave on the outskirts of Bristol were greeted with belligerence and pelted with objects.

A statement by the Avon and Somerset precinct on Twitter reads,

“Police are dealing with an unlicensed music event attended by hundreds of people in South Gloucestershire. At about 10.35 p.m. we received a call alerting us to the event at a warehouse in Yate. Officers arrived within 12 minutes and found the event underway.

Roads were closed to prevent more people reaching the site by car but large numbers of people continued to arrive on foot from several different directions. Items, including lit spray cans and bottles, were thrown at police. Some officers were injured but remained on duty.”

The slew of raves took place just days before the UK returns to a strict lockdown measures on November 5. However, with the lockdown being provoked by the steep rise in COVID-19 infections across the country, it’s important to note that COVID restrictions exist for sole the purpose of helping us all get back to normalcy sooner rather than later. With the UK’s new measures in effect until December 2, and many other countries contemplating similar responses to a forthcoming coronavirus wave, it may be time to buckle down for a holiday season of playlists and live-streamed events.

Via: Sky News

Featured image: Evening Standard

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