Yaman & Robbie Rosen – Just FriendsYaman Robbie Rosen Just Friends

Yaman & Robbie Rosen – Just Friends

The first collaboration between Asian talent Yaman and singer/songwriter Robbie Rosen lands squarely in the dance-pop arena. “Just Friends” is an infectious record that brings together the best of both their talents. Yaman’s razor sharp production brings in energetic drops and melodic touches that stray a bit from his past releases. Robbie Rosen complements Yaman’s updated style with timeless, pop first songwriting. Although it was only their first time working together, the pair strike a natural balance in the mix. Rosen’s stellar vocal performance is buoyed by Yaman’s bass-driven and quirky climax for a fun and fresh collision of competing styles that work seamlessly here. Whatever genre you attempt to place it in, “Just Friends” is certainly not formulaic.

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