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Baauer drops outrageous mixtape, ‘The Boptape’

“I actually listened to this mixtape about three days ago, and it rocked me so hard I shit a huge stone-hard log…” This outro, pulled from “The Sherriff Of Midi,” is just one example of the absurdity of Baauer‘s new mixtape, The Boptape. Fresh off a Grammy nomination for his seminal PLANET’S MAD, Baauer returns with “19 mutant songs” stuffed with ridiculous transitions, samples from every genre under the sun, and of course, speaker-knocking beats.

To name just a few, The Boptape‘s eclectic samples include Dropkick Murpheys’ “I’m Shipping Up To Boston,” Lil Baby’s highly memed “wah wah wah,” a verse from Drake, and the viral “Hmmm” freestyles. From top to bottom, The Boptape never fails to surprise and excite, despite being Baauer’s most experimental work to date.

All in all, the light-hearted atmosphere of the Twitch streams the project was created in oozes out of the tracks, making for one of the most fun projects of the year. Stream it below, or watch the mixtape’s visualizers on Baauer’s YouTube.

Featured image: Todd Owyoung/Red Bull Content Pool Photo

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